CC1 Temperature Compensating Ceramic Capacitor (Class I)  
Linear Capacitance Change over Temperature
High Stability of Capacitance
Low Loss at Wide Range of Frequency
Various T.C. available Suits for Oscillation and Temperature Compensating Circuit
General Specification
Operating Temp. Range -25℃ to +85℃
Capacitance Within the specified tolerance at 1KHz±20%, 1.0±0.2Vrms
Capacitance Tolerance C:±0.25pF, D:±0.5pF, J:±5%, K:±10%
Dissipation Factor (DF) C﹤50pF, DF≤1.5(150/CR+7)×10-4. C≥50pF, DF≤1.5×10-4 at 1MHz±20%, 1.0±0.2Vrms
Rated Voltage 50V to 500V
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage 2.5UR for 2 to 5 S (charge /Discharge current≤50mA )
(IR) Insulation Resistance 10000MΩ min at 500VDC and 1 minute electrification
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