Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors  
These are non -inductively wound with polypropylene film as dielectric and aluminum foil as the electrode with copper -clad steel leads and epoxy resin coating
Very low loss at high frequency, suitable for high current
High insulation resistance, long life due to self-healing effect
Widely used in high frequency,DC,AC and pulse circuits
Description MPP CBB21 PPS CBB81 PPN CBB81
Reference Standard IEC 60384-17 IEC 60384-17 IEC 60384-13
Climatic Category 40/105/21
Rated Temperature 85℃
Rated Voltage 100V~630V 630V~2500V 100V~800V
Capacitance Range 0.010uF~3.3uF 0.0010uF~0.10uF 0.0010uF~0.10uF
Capacitance Tolerance ±5%(J), ±10%(K), ±20%(M)
Voltage Proof 1.6UR (5s) 1.75UR (5s) 2.0UR (5s)
Dissipation Factor ≤0.1% (1KHz, 20℃) ≤0.1(1kHz, 20℃)
≤0.2 (10kHz, 20℃)
≤0.1% (1kHz, 20℃)
Insulation Resistance ≥50000MΩ, CR≤0.33uF ;
≥15000s, CR>0.33uF (20℃,
100V, 1min)
≥50000MΩ (20℃, 100V,
≥50000MΩ, CR≤0.1uF ;
≥5000s, CR>0.1uF (20℃,
100V, 1min)
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